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Cleaning Staff Uniforms from Dubai

Housekeeping uniforms for all your cleaning staff
Housekeeping uniforms for all your cleaning staff

Housekeeping and cleaning is a demanding job where you are on feet all day busy cleaning and lifting heavy objects. It is essential to have a uniform that can take the punishment and still make you look good at the end of the day. Our housekeeping uniforms are stylish, functional and flattering. We will custom design your cleaning staff uniforms or offer you from our pre-existing uniforms. We offer full uniforms including Tunics (top), Camp shirts, Knit shirts, t-shirts, Dresses, Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Aprons, vests and gloves.

Uniforms Shop will design housekeeping uniforms to your specifications with fabrics and design of your choice. We will deliver all over UAE from Dubai and Sharjah to Ajman, Ras Al Khaima and Abu Dhabi. Please note that we also supply linens, curtains and towels of all kinds as well.

We are also glad to supply anywhere in the world.


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