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About Uniforms Store

Uniforms Store is a fully owned subsidiary of world’s leader in South Asian fashion Aisha Ibrahim. Its boutiques in Dubai and Sharjah draw fashion lovers from not only South Asia, the Persian Gulf but also from United Kingdom, United States, East Africa and Southern Africa. Uniforms Stores offers full range of Custom made Uniforms, linens, towels, shirts, tops, tunics, scrubs, bottoms, skirts, trousers, caps, hats and insignia. Hospital Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, Restaurant Uniforms, School Uniforms, Corporate Uniforms, Security Uniforms, Police Uniforms, Army Uniforms, Construction Uniforms, Spa Uniforms and Salon Uniforms can all be custom created for your organization according to your needs and budget.

Zaifi Designs and Uniforms Store

Zaifi Chief Design Officer of Aisha Ibrahim Uniforms
Zaifi Chief Design Officer of Aisha Ibrahim Uniforms

It is an open secret that Aisha Ibrahim meteoric rise in South Asian fashion is largely due to its Chief Design Officer Zaifi Quraishi. His vision, his designs and his selection of best designs from top Pakistani and Indian designers clicked with the buyers and they began flocking to Aisha Ibrahim Boutiques and a few years later Aisha Ibrahim became synonymous with top fashion in South Asian Fashion. Not to rest on his laurels, Zaifi is still creating his magic to want customers to keep coming back.

When in Autumn of 2010, Zaifi turned his attention to creating Uniforms, no one was surprised when in a short span of 3 years, Uniforms Store had made its mark in Uniforms world in not only UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia but also most countries of Asia and Africa. Zaifi has proven that uniforms don’t have to be boring. His designs and selection of best material are changing perception of uniforms the world over. Before Zaifi’s entry in Uniforms world, people wore uniform because they had to but now they wear their uniforms with gleam in their eyes and don them with great pride.

Uniforms Galore: Medical, Hotel, Restaurant, Maid, Security, Spa, Corporate, Factory and Cleaning Staff Uniforms

We provide full range of uniforms for all kind of workers

If you can imagine a uniform, we can make it and have likely made it. Whether you are looking for medical scrubs for Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Vets, Nurses, Patients, Lab Assistants and hospital staff, or hotel uniforms, restaurant uniforms (chef, cook, waiter, attendant and receptionist), maid uniforms, security personnel uniforms, policemen uniforms, fire fighters uniforms, sports uniforms (football, cricket, baseball, tennis, etc.), spa and beauty saloon uniforms, cleaning staff uniforms, factory uniforms or corporate uniforms, we can custom design the uniform of your choice or you can buy from our pre-existing uniforms. We pride ourselves on offering comfortable, fashionable and high quality uniforms at discounted price. We discount only price not quality. Our apparel are made from top notch fabric. You look great wearing them and you feel great as well.

The Right Design Uniform to match your Brand Identity

Rightly Designed Uniforms turn your employees into a team
Rightly Designed Uniforms turn your employees into a team

Some companies will pick any run of the mill uniform for their staff but uniform is an important representation of your professional image. Poorly designed cheap uniforms make you look bad. We believe that professional workwear should be “professional”.

A professionally designed uniform with high quality fabric and nicely embroidered logo will add to your brand’s image. Your staff will also enjoy wearing Uniforms Shop’s elegantly designed and comfortable apparel. They feel good about looking great and you get to project a perfect first impression. So contact us now at to enhance your business image with custom tailored and custom designed uniforms.

Comfort First

Comfortable uniforms
Comfortable uniforms

Zaifi designs all his uniforms with wearer’s comfort foremost in his mind. Spending countless hours in an uncomfortable attire day in and day out will make the most patient among us flustered. It is hard to concentrate on our work and even harder to be cheerful with the customers. Aisha Ibrahim Uniforms are well fitting, comfortable and flattering and made from high quality fabrics that are breathable and soft to the touch.

Not just Uniforms

Uniforms Shop is not just about Uniforms. We can embroider your logo or design on your jackets, shirts, polo shirts, caps, bags, towels and socks. We provide full range of products related to uniforms as caps, scrub hats, tie, bowties, belts and whatever else you can imagine. Our hotel customers also have the facility to purchase custom designed mats, towels, linens, and curtains from us.

We also wholesale aprons that are suited to your needs. Whether you are looking for bib aprons, bistro aprons or waist aprons, we can provide them.

Wholesale Towels and Linens

For some reason, most of the places that need uniforms also need linens and many of them need towels as well. It was therefore natural that Aisha Ibrahim Textiles will get into linens and towels as well. We provide full range of wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and bath mats all custom made to meet your needs. Whether your needs are modestly priced economy towels or the very top quality plush towels, we can provide them and will be glad to place your logo on them. Whether you are looking for hotel towels, hospital towels, spa towels, salon towels, shop towels, kitchen towels or any other terry towels, Aisha Ibrahim Dubai is the best source.

Shoes too…

We specialize not just in Uniforms and custom embroidery but can also supply matching footwear of all kinds. Our shoes not only match the uniforms but are comfortable and practical like the uniforms we make.

Bulk Discount and Group Discount

Bulk Discount available. Outfit your entire team and save big money
Bulk Discount available. Outfit your entire team and save big money

We offer bulk discount to our wholesale customers who buy for their company in bulk and to groups of individuals who buy for their group. If you are looking for a source of great looking and practical uniforms then you have come to the right place.

UAE Best Uniforms Supplier

We are United Arab Emirates most liked suppliers of uniforms. No matter what state you are in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaima we will be glad to custom design and manufacture the uniforms of your choice for your hospital, clinic, lab, hotel, restaurant, sports club, school, factory or office. Our uniforms are made from high-quality fabric and are resistant to wear, comfortable and durable. We never compromise on quality, if a particular budget won’t allow us to deliver a quality product, we will gladly walk away.


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