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Hotel Uniforms, Linens and Towels from Dubai

Well designed Hotel Uniforms project your brand identity
Well designed Hotel Uniforms project your brand identity

Hotel uniforms need to be comfortable, professional looking and durable. Uniforms Shop will design uniforms to your specifications with fabrics and design of your choice. We provide not just uniforms but also bed sheets, table linen, curtain fabric, mats, and towels. We provide full range of uniforms from front office uniforms, to housekeeping uniforms, spa uniforms, maintenance uniforms, kitchen uniforms and restaurant uniforms. We will custom design all your uniforms with latest designs in color and fabric of your choice embroidered or printed with your logo to project your brand identity.

Restaurant staff in a hotel must also have excellent uniforms
Restaurant staff in a hotel must also have excellent uniforms

Hotel staff is in constant interaction with the clients and uniforms send an important message. Stylish and professional looking uniforms leave a positive lasting impression on your clients.

Whether you are a hotel, motel, resort or cruise ship we can design custom uniforms in accordance with your requirements and budget.

We will deliver all over UAE from Dubai and Sharjah to Ajman, Ras Al Khaima and Abu Dhabi. We are also glad to supply hotel uniforms, linens and towels anywhere in the world.

For front desk staff we offer Front Desk Suits, Front Desk Men Suits and Front Desk Women Suits. Your rooms and grounds are covered by our housekeeping uniforms, security uniforms, spa uniforms, maintenance uniforms, bellman uniform, valet uniform and industrial uniforms.

Dubai Hotel Bed Linen and Towels

Whether you are a hotel, resort, motel, camp ground, rental laundry, spa or university campus we can provide bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets and towels. Aisha Ibrahim Sharjah and Aisha Ibrahim Dubai also provides full range of terry towels for your needs from bath towels, wash clothes, bath sheets, bath mats, spa towels, pool towels to gym towels. We can provide from most economical to most plush depending on your budget and intended audience.

Custom Solution for your property

There is no one solution fit all strategy at Aisha. We know that each property has its own niche and its own clientele. Uniforms, linen and towel needs of a luxury hotels are very different from a budget hotel, business hotel, resort hotel, bed and breakfast inn, family vacation hotel or a boutique hotel. No matter what your intended customer base quality of your uniforms and your linens is an important part of how your clients will feel about their stay. With Aisha the right quality uniforms, linens and towels are always affordable and an important source for repeat business. Most of our business is repeat and referral business and we want the same for you. We believe in making customers for life and go an extra mile to satisfy our customers and to work for their long-term success.

If you are running a 4-star or 5-star and above hotel, we can custom create top of the range uniforms as Custom bellman uniform, custom valet uniforms, traditional doorman uniforms, currently fashionable suits, professional Custom housekeeping uniforms, range of banquet staff uniforms for different functions, range of restaurant uniforms for different restaurants, latest fashion fitness uniforms and trendy spa uniforms. For budget hotels, we can custom created a more casual professional look with polo shirts, vests and pants. The image uniforms create not only bring customers back but also affect your hotel’s rating come next grading inspection.


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