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Security Uniforms Supplier in Dubai

Security Guards uniforms
Security Guards uniforms

Aisha Ibrahim Uniforms Shop Dubai provides Security Guards and Security Officers Uniforms that are elegantly designed to be authoritative, visible, comfortable, good looking and professional. Our Chief Design Officer Zaifi makes sure that your first impression is lasting one.

We understand that a Security official’s uniform need to communicate authority right away and his uniform should make him stand out both as a deterrent and as a helpful resource. Our security uniforms accomplish just that. We offer reflective vest, jackets and tailored uniforms.

From as simple as security vest to full uniforms for  security, police and military
From as simple as security vest to full uniforms for security, police and military

We can also custom create uniforms for Police departments and various arms of military. We also offer camouflage uniforms. We are glad to create civil enforcement officers uniforms, law enforcement officers uniforms, police uniforms, army uniforms, marines uniforms, navy uniforms, army uniforms, security officers uniforms, corporate security uniforms and of course guard uniforms.

We offer special deals for bulk purchasing by company’s purchasing departments, Government purchasing departments, military purchasing department, law enforcement departments, non profit organization, universities and others.


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